Key Concepts

The United States continues to see significant growth in natural gas demand. Continued growth requires investment and development of critical natural gas infrastructure to meet the residential, commercial and industrial demands of the future. Natural gas storage is vital to managing the daily, monthly and seasonal differences in supply and demand.


The safest way to store natural gas is through naturally occuring underground geologic formations.  Three primary types of natural gas storage include:

1.  Salt dome caverns
2.  Aquifers
3.  Depleted gas reservoirs

The Black Bayou salt domes were formed when naturally occurring salt deposits filtered up through sedimentary layers to form a massive dome-like structure. The walls of the salt dome are surprisingly strong (comparable to steel) and very resistant to deterioration.  

  • Each storage cavern is 1,000 feet tall and 260 feet wide
  • Top of the cavern is 3,150 feet below the surface

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Black Bayou

Project Overview

Black Bayou Storage is a new high deliverability salt dome storage facility located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Initial project development will provide 15 Bcf of working gas capacity Continue Reading...

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January 18, 2007 Black Bayou Storage, LLC, Open Season for New Gas Storage Facility Continue Reading...

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