Environment / Safety

Black Bayou Storage maintains the highest level of commitment to ensuring that the development of the natural gas storage caverns and associated facilities are implemented in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.


Black Bayou Storage intends to minimize environmental impacts where feasible to do so. A majority of the surface used during construction and for surface facilities will be located on previously developed land. In addition, Black Bayou plans utilize existing industrial sites damaged by Hurricane Rita. Dismantling, abandoning, and relocating functioning industrial equipment are all part of the design resulting in a minimal environmental impact.

Kaiser Francis Oil Company has a proven track record of the highest level of commitment to safety in all of its operations and developments. Black Bayou Storage is designed and will be constructed to adhere to established industry safety standards.

Black Bayou

Project Overview

Black Bayou Storage is a new high deliverability salt dome storage facility located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Initial project development will provide 15 Bcf of working gas capacity Continue Reading...

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January 18, 2007 Black Bayou Storage, LLC, Open Season for New Gas Storage Facility Continue Reading...

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